Organic Bed Sheets

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The Warranty Covers

  • Any noticeable indentation equal to or greater than 2.54 cm that is NOT associated with or is a consequence of a damaged platform that is not designed or constructed to handle the combined weight of the foundation and its intended user. The indentation must be detectable to the naked eye when no weight is being exerted on the top of the mattress.
  • Any physical defect in the natural latex foam that leads to splitting or cracking under regular use and proper handling.
  • Any cosmetic damage to the mattress that is unrelated to normal wear and tear and does not affect its performance.


Warranty Exclusions: Defects Not Covered


Years 1-10: Comprehensive Coverage - Non-Prorated


Years 11-20: Limited Coverage - Prorated

Note: If a replacement mattress is provided, the sleep trial ends.