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aloha Flex Organic
Latex Pillow

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aloha’s premium flex organic latex pillow made using the Dunlop technique is a medium firm hypoallergenic pure latex pillow, is filled with shredded latex foam that is user-customizable. Experience a comfy, Read More


60x40x12 cm


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3 Years Warranty

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Feel the lavish hug of an eco-friendly latex pillow

Outer Tencel Fabric

Tencel fabric is an ideal alternative for organic latex pillows due to its environmental friendliness. Tencel, which is created from sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood pulp, has excellent breathability, moisture-wicking characteristics, and a silky-smooth texture, which improves the overall sleep experience while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Inner Cotton Cover

Organic cotton is a common material used in organic latex pillows. Organic cotton, cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, provides a natural and breathable surface that increases comfort and promotes increased airflow.

Organic GOLS-Certified Latex

With our GOLS-certified latex pillow, you can enjoy both luxury and sustainability while sleeping. It is made of organic materials and provides excellent comfort and support, resulting in a healthier and more peaceful sleep. Sleep readily knowing that your pillow satisfies the highest worldwide organic certification criteria.

Benefits of aloha Organic Latex Pillow



Organic latex pillows are responsive and adjust to the shape of your head to give you the right level of sleep support and lift.



Protect yourself and your loved ones from dust mites, bacteria, mold and allergies by choosing an organic latex pillow.



Air circulation is a natural by-product of latex, and it helps to prevent heat from being trapped inside the pin core latex pillow architecture.



Good ventilation and moisture regulation make for a comfortable sleeping temperature for all.



Latex pillows are well-known for being resilient, durable, and long lasting due to latex’s unique structure.



aloha organic pillows are certified non-toxic. It provides healthy and supportive sleep.


Know your Pillow


12 CM


Medium Firm

Suited For

side & All body types of kids and teenagers


3 Yrs

Care Guide

Washable Zipper Cover

Packaging & Usage

Open Within 7 Days

Our organic pillows come equipped with a zipper cover made from tencel fabric, crafted using eco-friendly processes and materials that are responsibly sourced from nature. It helps in controlling moisture and keeps your body temperature in check. Let the smooth and soft touch, give you a lasting comfort.

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Relieve the experience of sleeping on a quality eco-conscious organic latex pillow by choosing aloha! Sleep well and rejuvenate your vitality with aloha!


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