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Organic Mattresses for Kids

Organic Kids Mattress

Chemicals can have an unpredictable effect on kids as they grow and develop. Give your child a healthy mattress designed just for them.

Aloha ecokids mattress

aloha ecokids mattress

Providing the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials so you can feel confident your child is having a healthy and restorative sleep.

A brand you can trust

Trusted by the people around the world.


Celebrating 10 years

of delivering organic 100% latex mattresses to our customers around the world
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Made in India (Kerala) organic certified latex delivering to the leading countries around the world

The aloha experience doesn’t stop here.

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Aloha Flex Pillow

aloha flex pillow

The aloha Organic Flex Pillow is crafted with shredded latex, with an adjustable design that caters to multiple sleeping styles.

Aloha Comfy Pillow

aloha comfy pillow

Naturally springy and comfortable, the aloha Organic Comfy Pillow is the perfect companion for a comfortable good night’s sleep.

A safer healthier organic certified kids mattress

Kids deserve a safe, toxin-free mattress and a goodnight’s rest. That’s why we’ve made our organic mattresses for kids so accessible. It is made with GOLS certified organic latex and has no polyurethane, chemical adhesives or glues used between the mattress’s comfort layers, giving your child a safe, healthy sleep. The organic latex we use is ethically harvested from our farm in Kerala.

The kid’s mattress is built with natural latex offering a balance between comfort and firmness. Packed with a soft, environmentally friendly Tencel fabric layer, your organic kid’s mattress dissipates heat, giving your child a cosy night’s sleep.

Comfortable for all Kids

Our organic mattresses for kids in India will not let your children sink in. Unlike memory foam that would envelop your kid. Our best organic mattress for kids provides motion isolation support, cool temperature, and stability, so your child would float on the mattress rather than sink in. The mattress features natural 100% GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex. It is ideal for kids from the age of 2 to 10-13 years of age. We uphold our latex mattress for kids to the same gold standard of environment and social responsibility as the rest of our line.

Say no to plastic in your bed.

Get rid of petroleum-based plastic in bed. At sleepaloha, we use natural latex that is mixed and poured into moulds. It is then steamed, baked and rinsed. Since Talalay latex uses more chemicals, our GOLS organic-certified latex is processed according to the Dunlop method.

We process our GOLS organic certified latex according to the original Dunlop method. The more commonly used Talalay latex processing method instead utilises chemicals. While Talalay latex is slightly softer than Dunlop latex, it is less durable and has to be glued at the seams since it cannot be made in larger sizes. Furthermore, Talalay latex cannot be considered organic due to the chemical processing involved. Thus, we exclusively use GOLS organic Dunlop latex. Our mattresses are tested scientifically for prolonged exposure to meet all the required standards. Our mattresses are GOLS certified, OEKO-TEX tested, and eco institute tested.

Features of aloha’s ecokid mattresses

Naturally cool: Nature knows the best. Just like the fabrics ‘wool’ keeps you warm in the winter. Latex features an open-cell structure that keeps you from sinking into the mattress and trapping heat. Body contouring coils are individually pocketed for effective airflow, so you to say goodbye to sweaty backs. Just cool and natural airflow means better sleep for your child.

Supports children’s growing bodies: Our mattress coils are made in our factory, and we ensure the use of the highest quality and the most effective support system.

Made in India: – We tap into a rubber tree in the wee hours of the morning and collect latex without causing any harm to the tree. This latex is then transferred to our GOLS organic-certified facility. Raw latex is turned into latex rubber foam cores without using any harmful chemicals or additives. Impurities are removed, and the mixture is then pumped with aluminium moulds. Our mattresses are then steamed, baked, dried and rinsed. Once created, it is processed through industrial dryers and is tested for weight and density.

Why do kids need to sleep on the right mattress?

1. Growth and development: Children’s bodies change continuously and grow at a rate that a mattress should be able to accommodate. Hence, it makes sense to go for a mattress that helps develop their minds and bodies in sleep. Parents can help by introducing them to a healthy sleep environment and behaviour. To do this, they can create a list of the day-to-day activities of their kids and a sleep schedule. A healthy sleeping schedule not only sets children to focus better on life, but a good mattress can help them realise the value of comfortable sleep. When kids sleep comfortably with cushions that support their growing bodies, it helps develop their minds and body, and they’re more likely to enter a deeper sleep state in high-quality sleep.

2. Healthy sleeping patterns: Sleeping on time is crucial. A comfortable environment can build up an excellent sleeping lifestyle in adulthood. The best organic mattress for kids will ensure that some part of the sleeping environment is good for children; they wake up fresh and go into a deep sleep every day. A healthy sleeping environment leads to understanding the importance of sleep in adulthood.


Is There a Difference Between Adult and Kid Mattresses?

The only difference between an adult mattress and a kid’s mattress is the weight of the mattress.

Why should kid's mattresses be different from adults?

A kid’s mattress should be different from an adult because the weight and height is very different from the weight and height of an adult. In addition, the requirements for growing children are different from those of adults.

What Mattresses are the Best for Kids?
The best mattress for your kid is one that offers pain relief, cooling, spinal alignment and is durable. aloha’s organic mattresses are the best in terms of quality and come with a 100-day trial. To learn more about selecting the right mattress for your kid, read our blog!
What are the different types of kids single bed mattress available at aloha?

The different types of kids single bed mattress available at aloha are:

  • 72″x30″ (183×76 cm)
  • 72″x36″ (183×91 cm)
  • 78″x30″ (198×76 cm)
  • 78″x36″ (198×91 cm)
  • 75″x30″ (191×76 cm)
  • 75″x36″ (191×91 cm)
What are the Best Mattress Sizes for Kids?

There are different sizes of mattresses for kids – single, double, queen and king sizes to custom size mattresses. However, the best mattress size for your child depends on their size. Most people opt for a size bigger than the child as kids grow quickly.

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