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Which Mattress Is Good Depending On Your Sleeping Position?

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Health, Mattress, Sleep Advice

Do you ever think about how your mattress feels while sleeping? Did you know that your sleeping position plays a vital role while selecting the right mattress for yourself? Yes, we know there are other factors considered while purchasing a mattress. Some go for firmness while others favour softness; the majority of individuals prefer a medium-firm mattress.

However, there are certain guidelines for choosing a mattress as per your sleeping position. So, let’s have a better understanding of which mattress is best for your sleeping position.

A] What Is Mattress Firmness?

Firmness explains the spring back factor and the sink in factor of your mattress. All this solely depends on how you feel. An example of sleeping on a firm sleep surface is a wood pallet. In olden times, jute beds were considered organic mattresses. But, just as fashion changes with time, so do the types of mattresses.

A soft sleep surface will just be like sleeping on cotton candy. Whereas, a firm mattress is when your body completely rests more on the surface, along with a slight softness where you sink and meld with the mattress. Mid-firm memory foam mattresses are best known for such soft feeling that appeals to a few.

B] Does Mattress Firmness Describe Support?

Firmness and support are two widely different topics. Different mattresses offer different values and levels of firmness that offer you the necessary support. It also depends on what you find comfortable and how other factors like your weight fall into the picture. You can find various online choices for a great organic latex mattress if you’re looking out for one that gives you the chills and feels.

C] Points to Consider While Buying a New Mattress

There stand different options depending on your sleeping style. Even though there are various subcategories, they yet fall into three categories:

  • Side sleeper
  • Back sleeper
  • Stomach sleeper

There is also one more category known as combination sleepers. This category is for those who change their sleeping positions over the hours at night.

If you still haven’t figured out you’re style of sleeping, we’re giving out the information for the same. There are a few more aspects that you need to consider, like weight, temperature, and motion transfer. But, they’re all secondary. So, let’s understand the type of sleepers before we get to the right mattress.

1. Side Sleeper

One of the most common sleep positions is where an individual lies straight on either side of the bed for majority of the night. It takes the strain off the back and the hips completely. Women mostly use this sleep style. It counts as the best position for reducing heartburn and helping with heart circulation, especially when your side is on the left.

2. Back Sleeper

With only about 10% of people sleeping on their back, they are a smaller percentage than the side-sleeper. Many find this position quite uncomfortable as it creates restlessness in the lower back. It easily causes snoring and sleep-related problems like sleep apnea. However, it also has its own benefits. It lets your facial skin breathe. Not using a pillow in this position incurs fewer wrinkles and oils that cause acne.

3. Stomach Sleeper

Many people find this position the best sleep position. They make up approx 16% of the sleeping population and need firmer mattresses. If the mattress is more on the softer side, your abdomen will sink and toss your spine out of alignment. The main concern with the stomach sleeping side is that it puts pressure on your internal organs and does not give support to the neck and the spine.

D] Other Variables To Consider

1. Weight

1 = Very Soft Rare and hard to find, Rare and hard to find, has the maximum sink level Side Sleepers Under 58-59 kgs
2 – 3 = soft Quite soft, the body will sink deep Side Sleepers Under 58-59 kgs to 102 kgs.
4 – 6 = Medium Some give with a firm underlay Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers 58-59 kgs to 102 kgs.
7 – 9 = Firm Slight sink Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers 102 kgs and over
10 = Extra Firm Like sleeping on a wooden pallet Stomach Sleepers 102 kgs and over

2. Temperature

A few beds run hot, and a few are designed to give coolness. An organic latex mattress is great for body heat management. Air circulation helps prevent heat from being trapped inside the core of the mattress. With moisture regulation and good ventilation, you will be able to sleep comfortably at night.

3. Motion Transfer

If you sleep with a partner who turns and tosses, or maybe you have pets or children that jump on your bed, you might want a mattress that carries less motion transfer. Natural latex mattresses are responsive, yet they suppress motion transfer by absorbing it. Thereby, you can sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

E] Common sleeping problems

Different sleep-related problems can even cause a mental breakdown. Certain sleeping positions are bad if your body isn’t coping well with them. If you regularly suffer from back pain or if you’re prone to overheating at night you may end up with conditions that may need treatment. Let us look into a few types of mattresses that are best for different types of problems.

1. Back pain

Which mattress is good for sleeping if you suffer from back pain?

Memory foam or orthopaedic mattresses are the most recommended mattresses for back pain. They are designed to provide enough support to your spine and treat stiff joints.

2. Allergies

What mattresses are best for allergies?

Organic latex mattresses made from hypoallergenic properties are the best for allergic-prone individuals. It helps ease the symptoms of sensitive skin and certain respiratory problems. Also, keep in mind to stay away from mattresses that contain natural fillings like wool or mohair.

3. Overheating

What mattresses are best for overheating?

Your number one focus should be natural mattresses, as they regulate temperature and keeps your body nice and cool.

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