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7 Warning Signs Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Health, Mattress, Sleep Advice

Is mattress and back pain co-related? The answer is yes!

Sleep is vital for the human body as it helps you rest and relax; re-energising you for the next day. Mattresses play a huge role in enhancing the quality of sleep. Sleeping on a low-quality mattress can cause the spine to lose its natural alignment and strain the back muscles resulting in pain. If you are suffering from back pain, know you are not alone. Approximately 50-80% of adults face this problem at least once in their lifetime.

Mentioned below are some warning signs that indicate your back pain is due to a bad mattress. We have also highlighted the importance of a good quality mattress, and the reason why a natural latex mattress is an ideal mattress for back pain.

A] Backache Due to Mattress – Warning Signs

Latex comes from rubber trees. It is the softest material found under the bark of the tree, which is harvested and processed into a dense foam substance. Why is natural latex mattresses considered the best type of latex? Because it is eco-friendly, sustainable, and provides optimal comfort. Through latex, you can create a mattress in two methods – Dunlop or Talalay.

1. Mattress is saggy and uneven: A saggy, uneven mattress will droop with your body pressure, not offering the support your body requires. Sleeping on a saggy mattress can be harmful to your back as it can cause the spine to misalign, leading to aches and pain. Hence, if you are experiencing any back pain from your mattress, look for visible signs of lumpiness and sagging, especially in the middle of the mattress. Lumps indicate that you need to upgrade to a better mattress for restful sleep.

2. You are exhausted, on waking up: It is quite obvious if you are unable to get proper rest at night that you’ll be exhausted in the morning. If this continues, over time, you might feel lazy and lethargic. After a comfortable sleep, the body is supposed to be energised. But, if you are exhausted or fatigued on waking up and face back problems, then it is another sign that you should consider changing your mattress.

3. Old mattress: Nothing lasts forever. This also applies to your mattress. As a general rule, a mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years, although it can vary depending on the type of mattress you own. A mattress wears out after a few years and can become saggy and lumpy, leading to back pain. In addition, over time, our body weight, sleeping habits, and bone density can change with time. Thus, here, you require the best mattress for back pain that can keep up with our sleep requirements.

4. Mattress is too hard or soft: Buying a mattress can be tricky as different people have different requirements. For some, a soft mattress can cause back pain, while for others, a too hard mattress can cause back and joint pain. It is recommended to select a medium-firm mattress as it is better for back pain and will help you sleep well at night.

5. Incorrect New Mattress: Experiencing lower back pain on a new mattress is also quite common. If you have purchased a new mattress, give your body sufficient time to get used to it.

6 . Aches and pain in the morning: If every morning when you wake, your back hurts but fades away after stretching and walking around the room, your mattress is the cause. But if there is an all-day kind of pain, then there may be other additional causes for back pain. An old or soft mattress can put unwanted strain on your spine, causing back pain in the morning. To avoid this, choose the right mattress to alleviate pain.

7. Unable to sleep well/Frequent waking up at night: As mentioned above, an uncomfortable mattress can lead to back pain and restlessness. Continuous tossing and turning in bed to find a comfortable position can keep a person up all night. Nighttime waking is common among people. However, if it continues for long, it indicates that your mattress is not the right fit for you. Consider changing your mattress to improve body support, which will ensure you stay comfortable while asleep.

B] Importance of the Right Mattress – Benefits

A good quality mattress will provide you with an enhanced bedroom environment, helping you waltz into dreamland easily. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the best mattress for back pain.

  • Provides quality sleep
  • Say bye to aches and pain
  • Sleep better with fewer allergies
  • Promotes good body posture
  • Improves disposition

Switch to a healthier lifestyle by opting for a quality organic mattress. To learn more about the benefits of a natural latex mattress, continue reading below.

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C] Natural Latex Mattress for Back Pain

If you’ve realised that your old, saggy, uneven mattress is no good for your spine and you require a medium-firm mattress to improve sleep, then you’re in the right place. At aloha, we offer Organic latex mattresses that are good for back pain. As sleeping on an incorrect mattress can lead to back pain, here are some pointers on how to buy your next mattress.

  • Check the firmness of the mattress. However, avoid selecting a mattress that is too firm as you wouldn’t be comfortable.
  • Despite the benefits of a coir mattress, they are not recommended for those suffering from back pain. It is better to opt for a natural latex mattress to help with back pain.
  • Check the responsiveness of the mattress. Consider the size of the mattress.
  • Opt for a non-toxic mattress, as toxic ones emit a strong chemical odour and contain hazardous materials.

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If you are experiencing joint and back pain due to a bad mattress, it is time to switch to an organic latex mattress. It will not only help you sleep better but improve posture, increase blood circulation, and equally distribute body weight.

Ditch the discomfort of your old saggy matter and choose from a luxury mattress brand in India. We offer a wide range of natural latex mattresses to help you sleep comfortably at night!

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