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The Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes and Dimensions [Infographic]

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Mattress

A mattress is not merely an accessory in the bedroom. It is rather the most important bedroom essential. What good is a fancy bed or lavish bedroom interior if you don’t have the right mattress to support your body, precisely the spine?

Apart from quality and comfort, there are important things to consider when buying a mattress, like the size of the mattress. The right size mattress will ensure that it fits your bed perfectly and offer optimal comfort.

In this blog, we will talk about the types of mattresses, covering the standard size of mattresses and their dimensions. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions!

The Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

A] Mattress Size Chart: Mattress Types, Their Sizes and Dimensions

1. King-size Mattresses

King-size mattress dimensions: 72 inches in length x 72 inches wide

  • King-size mattresses are the largest mattresses available that provide ample space.
  • They are ideal for families with kids as well as couples who love their individual space.
  • King-size mattresses are the go-to choice for a stylish master bedroom measuring 12ft x 12 ft.
  • The wider resting space offers comfort and ensures minimum disturbance, especially if your partner or child is a restless sleeper and keeps changing sleep positions throughout the night.

You can also opt for a king-size split mattress, where two mattresses measuring 72” x 36” are kept side by side. Split mattresses are ideal for individuals who require different body support or enjoy different levels of firmness. With enough space, each person can have their own mattress to sleep peacefully while being on the same bed. However, before you opt for a split mattress, you need to consider your king-size bed’s dimensions.

For a king-size mattress, check out the aloha luxe organic dual comfort mattress that is available in dimensions up to 78″x84″ (198×213 cm). It also has a thickness of 8 inches.

2. Queen-size Mattresses

Queen-size mattress dimensions: 72 inches in length x 60 inches wide

  • Queen-size mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses among couples.
  • They fit well in a room-sized 10ft x 10ft. They are also a good fit for a master bedroom.
  • Queen-size mattresses are a good choice for single grown-ups who need a big bed to themselves. They provide a much bigger space to stretch and lie down compared to a double/twin-size mattress.
  • They are also commonly used for the guest room as they are big enough to accommodate a couple or a family of three.

With aloha, queen-size mattresses are available in dimensions up to 78″x60″ (198×152 cm). We also offer queen XL mattresses in dimensions up to 78″x66″ (198×168 cm).

3. Double-size Mattresses

Double-size mattress dimensions: 72 inches in length x 42 inches wide

  • Double or twin-size mattresses are a wider counterpart of single-size mattresses. They can fit well in a room measuring 10.5ft x 8.5ft, making them ideal for small or compact spaces.
  • The mattress provides sufficient space and is ideal for teenagers and single adults. Double-sized mattresses are also a great fit for work-from-home professionals and students who love the comfort of their beds while working or studying.
  • Though not quite as spacious as a queen-size mattress, a double bed can easily accommodate another person or a pet. However, it might be a tight fit with little or no room for movement.

aloha India offers double-size mattresses in dimensions up to 78″x48″ (198×122 cm).

4. Single-size Mattress

Single-size mattress dimensions: 72 inches in length x 36 inches wide

  • Single-size mattresses are ideal for a room measuring 10ft x7ft.
  • The compact nature of single-size mattresses makes them most suitable for teenagers and children. They are also one of the most popular mattresses in the market.
  • Single-size mattresses are well-suited for kids. They are, however, not a good choice for grown-ups or tall individuals.
  • Also, for individuals who need room to stretch while sleeping, single-size mattresses may not be the optimal choice because of their limited size.

aloha’s single-size mattresses have a dimension ranging from 72″x30″ (183×76 cm) to 78″x36″ (198×91 cm).

5. Diwan-size Mattress

Diwan-size mattress dimensions: 72 inches in length x 30 inches wide or Customised

  • A diwan is a combination of a single-size mattress and a box spring.
  • The mattress has 2.5 to 5 thickness and comes in the standard size or customised size as per requirements.
  • The diwan is generally placed in the living room and can be used for sitting or sleeping.

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B] Commonly Asked Questions

How do I pick the right-sized mattress?

Picking the right-sized mattress is no eureka moment. You must consider a lot of things before choosing one, for you’ll be sleeping on it for years.

Factors to be considered when choosing the size of your mattress:

  • Sleeping space: Each individual requires a different sleeping space. For example, a queen-size mattress is spacious. However, for a single individual, it might be too much. So, here, you can choose between a queen-size or double-size mattress based on your needs.
  • Space available in the bedroom: It is quite easy, right? The bigger the size of the room, the larger the bed it can accommodate. Measuring your room before you start shopping for a bed will take you a long way. Identify if you will have enough walking space left in your room once the bed comes in. Then, based on the bed size, you can narrow down the mattress that will fit your bed perfectly.
  • Style of sleeping: If you are a restless sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night, a larger bed will give you sufficient space to do so.
  • Moving your bed: Moving your bed around is an essential factor in choosing a mattress. If you favour rearranging your room from time to time, keep in mind that small beds are fairly easy to move around compared to larger beds with large mattresses.

2. Which is the largest mattress size?

Currently, the Alaskan King mattress (sized 108” x 108”) is the largest bed mattress, and certainly the longest, with a generous width to go with it. However, regular king and queen-sized mattresses are big and comfortable enough as well.

3. What’s the most popular mattress size?

The most sought-after mattress size is the Queen-size mattress. Queen-size mattresses are 72 inches in length x 60 inches wide. Apart from being spacious, some of the other reasons why they are popular are because of easy-to-find bed frames, bed sheets, blankets as well as mattress protectors that fit well.

Check out the best organic latex mattresses in India right here.

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