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10 Troubling Side Effects of Used or Poor Quality Mattresses

by | May 11, 2022 | Health, Mattress

Children impart the meaning of love in its purest form, devoid of any negative connotations. Then why not choose the best for the newborns? This is why the expecting parents seek to decorate their baby’s room with the cutest shade of curtains along with safe and comfiest sleeping spaces. Hence, sleep hygiene and the kind of mattresses newborns sleep upon poses to be crucially important. Amid a plethora of factors behind choosing the newborn baby mattress, five chief points should be noted including duration of use, measurements, firmness, and several others. These are as follows. 


Firmness plays a pivotal role while selecting newborn baby mattress. As science says, the firmer the mattresses, the better for the babies to sleep. Soft mattresses are very often said to create sleep hindrances for the baby. Hence, expecting parents should always press either on the center of the mattresses or on its’ edges before buying to check its extent of firmness. After release, if it doesn’t come back to its normal shape immediately, then a much firmer mattress is needed to be looked for. Newborn mattresses at aloha, in such cases, are the best possible ones. They are not only firm and healthy but also ensure children have a good night’s sleep. Talking about India’s first 100% percent certified organic latex mattresses, aloha is the name. 

Measurements and Safety provisions: 

Safety standards are one of the most decisive aspects here when we’re talking about newborn baby mattresses. While the dimensions of a ‘single’ kids mattress might range from (183×76 cm) to (191×91 cm) having a thickness of around 6 inches, a double size kid’s mattress might range from (183×122 cm) to (198×122 cm) having the same thickness, respectively. Since safety remains central while choosing a mattress, parents should always be aware of the full-size dimensions. 

Non-toxic chemicals: 

Sleeping spaces are the best friends for a baby during the initial years. Hence, non-toxic and eco-friendly mattresses for babies are an utmost need of the hour. This is why parents need to invest in budget-friendly organic mattresses which are entirely non-toxic for a good night’s sleep. Eco-kids mattresses by aloha in such cases, turn out to be the savior. They are not only environment-friendly but also fully devoid of toxic chemicals. These natural latex mattresses by aloha raises the bar for sleep everywhere!

Duration of use: 

Parents like to have maximum utilization of the mattresses; they’re buying for their newborns. Hence, with an assured guarantee of twenty years and 100 days home trial, aloha brings some of the top picks just for you! 


While purchasing newborn baby mattress, parents should always be mindful of the good breathability and air circulation, these sleeping spaces ensure. We at aloha bring forth plenty of organic and eco-friendly mattresses such as aloha ecokids, which help these tiny tots not only with good breathability but also to regulate their body temperature, nicely and healthily.

Final thought: 

Parents should be aware of all the aforementioned factors as discussed above while buying a mattress, along with whether the mattress was stored and soiled properly or not. Aloha being polyurethane-free, chemical-free and non-toxic, is handcrafted with precision, as always. Why risk your precious sleep then? Buy new, buy best, buy Aloha!


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