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Organic Latex Mattress Vs Spring Mattress Vs Coir Mattress: Which One is Good for You?

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Mattress

If you’re confused between the three – organic latex mattress or spring mattress, or coir mattress – then here is everything you need to know about the three mattresses to make a correct decision. Read along to find out which is the best mattress coir or latex or spring.

1] What is an organic latex mattress?

Organic Latex Mattress

Natural latex is obtained from the rubber tree. The sap is harvested and processed sustainably to create Organic latex mattresses. Organic latex mattresses have hypoallergenic properties and are naturally resistant to mildew, mould, and dust mites. They are not only comfortable but also provide tons of health benefits while being eco-friendly.

1.1] Advantages and disadvantages of an organic latex mattress

Advantages of an organic latex mattress

  • An organic mattress reduces allergy problems caused by dust, pollutants, chemicals or other VOCs.
  • It is breathable since natural latex helps dissipate heat as it comes with enhanced air circulation.
  • A high-quality non-toxic organic mattress can sustain for years and years, unlike other mattresses that tend to break or flatten after some time.
  • An organic mattress emits no off gas; thus, it is beneficial for people sensitive to smells.
  • Latex mattresses are easily customisable offering the customer the ability to choose a mattress that’s well-suited for their needs.
  • Latex mattresses offer a motion isolation feature.
  • It is healthy to sleep on latex material since it doesn’t utilize toxic chemicals.

Disadvantages of an organic latex mattress

  • A latex mattress tends to be heavier than other mattresses. In other words, the mattress requires a bit more effort to lift or move.
  • Latex mattresses carry a bit of extra cost that represents extra value. This is because it offers numerous benefits and lasts longer than regular mattresses.

2] What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring Mattress

A Spring mattress is a conventional mattress that uses a pocket coil system with an added layer. Since multiple coils support the mattress, it provides added support with pressure and intensity, making it ideal for people on a heavier side.

As the weight is not evenly distributed in the mattress, it may cause pain and discomfort. That said, it is not an ideal mattress for back pain problems or spinal arrangement. In fact, it may aggravate back pain issues.

Moreover, it does not regulate the temperature as other mattresses. However, the mechanized process of the spring mattress is simple compared to others. As the manufacturing is easy, it comes with a lower price tag, making it highly affordable.

Most spring mattresses represent a portion of an innerspring mattress. So, the coils in the centre portion come in various dents. These coils provide a specific structure with the right bounce. Not just the form but the thickness of the metal also matters in the mattress.

The thickness of the metal determines the quality of the spring mattress. In addition, the different forms and materials contribute to the thickness of the mattress and cover the springs making it comfortable for sleeping. With the supporting spring layers, it may use a core made up of coils.

Spring mattresses use mesh as the first layer for comfort, and fibre pads are used as the second or third layer for added support. Most mattresses use a top layer that comprises fibre or foam.

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2.1] Different Types of Spring Mattresses

  • Bonnel coils: Bonnel coils have a thinner middle core, and most have an hourglass shape. The mattress has soft touch with even support. Compared to others, it has thinner and firm edges. The coils are the least expensive, and you’ll know the difference when you buy one. Moreover, the coils regulate the body temperature, but they may last for a shorter time.
  • Marshall coils: The coils have a cylindrical shape and are gauzed, often used in automotive applications. There is a separate pocket where a loop is enclosed, and the coils have an independent structure. Also, the structure is built in a way that reduces the pressure on the mattress caused by a heavy person and is a good option for stomach sleepers.
  • Offset coils: It is designed to contour your body shape. The construction of the mattress adds structural strength, which makes it durable. Due to this, it reduces back-related pain and spinal issues. It offers the benefit of motion transfer and is ideal for side sleeping.
  • Continuous coils: As the name suggests, a single wire is twisted into many different coils to form a layer. The helical technique connects different coils. Moreover, the continuous mattress is resilient, and the arrangement is flexible – vertically and horizontally.

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2.2] Advantages and Disadvantages of a Spring Mattress

Advantages of a Spring Mattress

  • Better support and flexibility
  • Enhanced ventilation support as the air passes through the coils, which absorb the moisture quickly
  • Requires a lesser break-in time and are affordable
  • Intricate construction increases the life of the mattress
  • Provides a bouncy feeling compared to other types of mattress

Disadvantages of a Spring Mattress

  • Unless an additional layer is added, it does not contour to the body
  • Dust mites get accumulated in the inner layers of the mattress
  • Difficult to move, set-up, and transport
  • Cleaning a spring mattress is tricky

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3] What is a Coir Mattress?

What is a Spring Mattress?

Coir mattress uses fiber or coconut coir as a base. It uses the outer portion of coconut and natural components for a mattress. Compared to a spring mattress, this one provides you with comfortable sleep due to hygroscopic.

Moreover, it comes with a good airflow, which provides better ventilation and maintains the natural temperature and moisture of the mattress. Some coir mattresses use latex, which is another natural component.

Due to the natural fibre or latex component, coir mattresses are bouncy and offer better support to the body. Also, you can relax in a comfortable position and keep your spine aliment proper. However, it is not a comfortable option for side sleepers as it is firm. But, is a coir mattress good for back pain? The answer is yes, it is!

3.1] Types of Coir Mattresses

  • Hybrid coir mattresses: Hybrid coir mattresses are made from coconut fibres and foam. Foam is the second most vital component in the mattress. Most manufacturers use memory foam as it provides total comfort while sleeping. Hybrid coir mattresses are softer compared to spring mattresses.
  • Rubberized coir mattresses: Similar to hybrid, the mattress type uses coconut as a primary material. The only difference, it uses coir, which is made rubberized and dense to give it an elastic feel. Plus, the mattresses are a good option if you have body aches. Due to its bouncy feel, you won’t feel pain and aches while sleeping. Most rubberized coir mattresses use latex as a secondary component, and the primary one is coir.

3.2] Advantages and Disadvantages of Coir Mattress

Advantages of Coir Mattress

  • Excellent support as the mattress is made with coconut coir and latex
  • It uses natural components with no carbon footprints.
  • A good alternative for the surroundings and ideal for back problems
  • Dust and allergens stay away from coir mattresses
  • Absorbs moisture quickly, which gives you uninterrupted sleep
  • Highly breathable due to the flexibility they offer
  • No odour in the mattress when it dries

Disadvantages of Coir Mattress

  • Not suitable for people who like to sleep on soft mattresses
  • Not a durable option as the mattress may sag over time
  • The density of the coir mattress may worsen with time

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Final Verdict

If you need to choose between a spring vs coir vs latex mattress – you can go for the latter option. As latex mattresses are highly durable and offer good support, it is a better choice. Besides, it lasts longer than a spring or coir mattresses and it provides a combination of quality, support, and durability.

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