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Discover the innovation behind our organic mattress

Our journey

At aloha, crafting our organic mattresses is not just a labour of love, but a commitment to responsible usage of natural resources, and to give you the best possible quality of mattresses you can find. Organic mattresses are superior in every regard – resiliency, comfort, breathability, durability, motion isolation, support, and they’re also biodegradable. We create our mattresses using only the best latex, the GOLS organic certified latex, without any harmful chemicals and crafted with compliance to the most stringent of criteria.

Harvesting organic latex

Rubber Tree Tapping

Tapping a rubber tree is no easy work. In the wee hours of the morning, our tappers use metal gouges with a sharp tip to make a shallow cut in the outer bark, winding ribbon around the tree. This opens the network of continuous latex vessels that spiral around the tree without causing any harm to it.
Farmers collect latex sap

Milk-like Latex, collected drop by drop

Towards the end of the winding channel, the tapper makes a downward cut, hanging a small metal cup from the side of the tree. The milky white latex begins to flow and drip and is collected in the cup. The rubber tree allows harvest in this manner for upto two to three times a week (except during the dry season) for about 25 years. The best part – no polluting machines or power tools are needed.
Milk-like Latex, collected drop by drop

12 Acres for one Latex Mattress

A queen-size organic latex mattress requires upto 2,500 rubber trees, spread over 10 to 12 acres. Instead of harming the environment though, the organic farming process is beneficial. The same trees used to create the mattress remove 140 tons of carbon dioxide from the air, over the course of a year. They also provide habitat for animals and livestock, preserve the health of our forests, contribute to healthy water, and provide gainful employment for family farmers where jobs are often scarce.
12 Acres for one Latex Mattress

Making organic latex cores

Organic Latex Facility

Using our GOLS organic certified facility, we convert raw latex into latex rubber foam cores, which is used in our mattresses. Located next to the rubber tree farms, our facility thrives close to sea level, and is powered by wind turbines and biomass. Most importantly, we don’t use any harmful chemicals or additives when creating the latex core.

Steam baked, dried and rinsed

Mixed and Poured into moulds

Impurities are removed from the raw latex. The resulting mixture is then pumped into large 6-inch deep aluminum molds. Since latex foams are inherently poor conductors of heat, ‘pins’ are attached to the mold which helps keep the heat out and cool the foam. The holes seen in latex foam cores are a result of these pins.
Mixed and Poured into moulds

Steam baked, dried and rinsed

The mold is closed and then passed into large, circular ovens, which utilise steam made from rainwater collected in collection ponds and use expired latex trees as fuel for the conversion. The latex foam is then submerged in several tanks filled with fresh water, and is then squeezed out between steel rollers. Through this process, all free proteins are washed away. The latex core is then processed through industrial dryers, and is tested for weight and density.
Steam baked, dried and rinsed

Crafted usinga
the Dunlop Method

We process our GOLS organic certified latex according to the original Dunlop method. The more commonly used Talalay latex processing method instead utilises chemicals. While Talalay latex is slightly softer than Dunlop latex, it is less durable and has to be glued at the seams since it cannot be made in larger sizes. Furthermore, Talalay latex cannot be considered organic due to the chemical processing involved. Thus, we exclusively use GOLS organic Dunlop latex.
Crafted using  the Dunlop Method

A brand you can trust

Trusted by the people around the world.


Celebrating 10 years

of delivering organic 100% latex mattresses to our customers around the world
aloha Exporting countries Map

Made in India (Kerala) organic certified latex delivering to the leading countries around the world

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