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Get 25% off with code SLEEPCOOL25

Get 25% off with code SLEEPCOOL25


Organic Pillows For Kids

Latex Pillows For Kids

Like sleeping on a puff of cloud, aloha ecokids plush & comfortable pillows that adapt to any sleeping style, and gives your kids ideal support it needs for a good night’s sleep.
Aloha Flex Pillow

aloha flex pillow

The aloha Organic Flex Pillow is crafted with shredded latex, with an adjustable design that caters to multiple sleeping styles.

Aloha flex pillow

aloha comfy pillow

Naturally springy and comfortable, the aloha Organic Comfy Pillow is the perfect companion for a comfortable good night’s sleep.

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Trusted by the people around the world.


Celebrating 10 years

of delivering organic 100% latex mattresses to our customers around the world
aloha Exporting countries Map

Made in India (Kerala) organic certified latex delivering to the leading countries around the world

The aloha experience doesn’t stop here.

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Aloha ecokids mattress

aloha ecokids mattress

Providing the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials so you can feel confident your child is having a healthy and restorative sleep.


What kind of pillow is best suited for a child?

The best-suited pillow for your child is either aloha’s organic flex kid’s pillow or aloha’s comfy pillow, as it offers your kid a comfortable good night’s sleep. They feature breathable fabric, hypoallergenic material, supportive latex foam and good durability, so your little ones have a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Do kids need a special pillow?
Kids do require a special pillow as they cannot sleep on adult pillows. They need a small-sized, comparatively thin, durable pillow that offers enhanced support. To learn more about the factors related to a kid’s pillow, check out our blog.

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