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Insightful Tips To Protect Your Mattress During Monsoons

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Mattress

There’s soon going to be a sweet smell of wet mud and the sound of droplets knocking at your door. It’s nearly time to get all prepped up for the rainy season. The monsoon season brings a smile on everyone’s face and also cheers up and brings in smiles.

Besides, enjoying the soothing weather. It is also necessary to keep yourself and your family away from allergies and bacteria.

Most often, we find people complaining about the weird stink coming from the bedroom. It isn’t just your furniture but also your mattress that may be in danger. So, we’re giving out a few mattress care tips to protect your mattress during monsoons.

A] Tips To Protect Your Mattress During The Monsoons

Bugs and bacteria will easily sit and lay eggs on your mattress during the monsoon if it has been damaged due to the monsoon humidity. One of the major issues for a chemically manufactured mattress. The monsoon season makes the entire environment really humid. It affects your healthy sleeping lifestyle especially when your mattress is all soaked up because of the humidity in the air. So, how can you possibly protect your mattress from the rain? Few tips that will definitely guide you the best with how to care for your mattress during monsoons.

1. Waterproof Mattress Protector

You cannot carry your mattress around because it is raining cats and dogs outside. So what can you do? Invest in a good waterproof mattress protector instead. It will help in the water sinking. Most organic waterproof mattresses are made of fresh technology-based microbes making your sleep environment fresh and super hygienic at all times. The use of such an organic mattress works wonders as it isn’t made out of chemical microbes but a 100% natural base to give you comfort.

Check out this blog, to learn more about what’s inside your mattress.

2. Dry It Under The Sun

One of the most natural disinfectants that kill bacteria and microbes quickly is the sun. It also clears out the stains on your mattress without using any chemicals. This monsoon tip might seem a little too unrealistic to you, but trust me. It works wonders. Although, we aren’t suggesting that you understand how unpredictable the rains are. But, hey! What’s a try?

3. Flip It Over

Flip your mattresses every other week. This way both sides are used interchangeably, so neither microbes nor the dust gets time to soak deep, damaging it. You will definitely feel a lot more confident when you will purchase a dual comfort mattress. These mattresses provide you with comfort on both sides.

4. Change The Sheets Frequently

According to the Sleep Foundation, people wash their sheets once a week. So, if you’re someone who’s being lazy and adamant about washing their sheets once a month. You’re in some bacterial trouble! The later you wash them, the faster the microbes will settle and rest on your musty mattress which will cause rashes and disturbance in your sleeping pattern. One of the most healthy ways of sleeping both for you and your mattress is to change your sheets from time to time.

B] How Beneficial It Is To Use A Waterproof Mattress Protector?

The use of a waterproof mattress protector helps in protecting the mattress from sudden stains and spills. One of the primary reasons why most people purchase such protector mattresses is because it acts as a repeller. If you’re still not convinced, we have 4 different reasons to keep you on board!

1. Get dried fast and easy

Children are prone to spill their milk or anything food items on the mattress pretty easily. It is definitely not a good idea to wash the mattress with stains during the monsoon. The use of a waterproof mattress protector acts as a shield avoiding such small spills and stains making it easy to remove them.

2. Gives you a Hygienic base

Bed bugs and bacteria are prone to disturb your sleep. They may also affect your health and cause serious breathing issues, cough, etc. Disturbed sleep only leads to waking up all grumpy and irritated. A waterproof mattress protector acts as a 3D protection shield from fungal infections and issues, giving you hours of sleep.

3. The material is hypoallergenic

Different type of fungal disease are on the rise during the monsoons. Using a waterproof mattress rather than an ordinary one will help destroy the bacterial germs that build up on your mattress. You will experience less trouble while sleeping. Most organic waterproof mattresses are made of fresh technology-based microbes making your sleep environment fresh and super hygienic at all times. These mattresses are made out of 100% pure fabric that is explicitly famous for protecting the bed and your sleep.

4. You will not turn left and right

When you’re not getting good sleep because of all the terrible itching & biting of bugs coming straight out from your mattress, you tend to just move either on your left or your right. You may even end up sleeping on the ground. Rather than sleeping on the floor, get a soft quilted layer of 100% organic mattress. The use of the waterproof mattress protector is just as it sounds. Safe & a protector. So no toss & turn, just snore your way to glory!


Adults need to get complete 8 hours of sleep; as for kids, it’s even more. But, if the reason for not having a proper sleep routine is because you are struggling with a mattress. It’s time you get it exchanged with aloha’s organic mattress, which is made out of 100% natural and chemical-free microbes that comes with a 100-days trial!

An added bonus is that aloha mattresses come with zipper removable mattress covers, unlike popular mattresses, which enable our customers to remove them and wash them periodically.

So, hurry before the monsoon season starts!


1. Is your mattress ruined if it’s wet?

It depends on where the water has been spilt. There will still be a stench if there isn’t any waterproof sheet on the mattress. Bacterial water can make your very skin causing severe skin infections. It’s recommended to throw your sheets away.

2. What To Do If You Spill Water on Your Mattress?

You can easily dry that part where you split the water. Use a dry towel to soak the water out of the mattress. Also, the use of a blow dryer will work wonders.

3. How Can I Dry My Mattress After Bedwetting?

Urine can stain really quickly, and it also leaves a horrible stench. While the area is still wet, simply use baking soda and soak the area. Take full advantage of warm water and vinegar and wash the stain out. This will both remove the stain and also the bad smell.

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