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Home Décor Trends For 2022: All You Need To Know

by | Jul 30, 2022 | Lifestyle

Home décor keeps changing every year, and if you’re looking for the latest home décor trends for 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

Owing to the pandemic, the styles around home décor have changed. While home décor was all about the poppy and vibrant colours in the past, this trend has now transformed. People have shifted to lighter pastel shades when choosing their interior and furniture. These bring about a sense of calm and are also cost-efficient for the budget. You must look for pieces of furniture that are durable and align with the theme of your house, so you don’t have to keep changing them repeatedly.

With passing time, one must look forward to renewing their place – be it a full-blown home makeover or changing a specific area. Similar to coming up with style and fashion in clothes, explore the latest home décor trends as well.

2022 has witnessed a kickback to the 70s with home office and nature being incorporated into the latest interior design trends, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

10 Ways to Revamp Your Home Décor in 2022

1. The Home Office

It is no new fact that the pandemic practically confined all of us to work from home, and the work environment has also shifted to a hybrid level of work for most of us. It is imperative that one’s home also consists of a professional set-up instead of working from the sofa or the bed. A study table or work desk and an orthopaedic chair are the simple, cost-efficient, and necessary work essentials that you must have.

2. Multifunctional Spaces

Using your home space for a single purpose is a waste of space and is considered an outdated decorating style or trend. With the latest architectural designs and strides, multifunctional spaces are here to stay. Make the most of every nook and corner of your home with neat and innovative tactics. You can incorporate multi-purpose shelves, sofa’s that transform into beds, ladders, and much more, making full use of a given space.

3. Sustainable Home Décor

The world has adapted to sustainability in all spheres, from food to furniture, and home décor isn’t far behind in this category. 2022 has seen a conscious development in this trend, with homeowners ensuring that they re-purpose their furniture and select materials based on environmental sustainability. Fast-made catalogue furniture is long gone and taken over by unique pieces of furniture curated from recyclable and eco-friendly materials such as cork and fibre, which have become the alternatives for wood.

4. Nothing like Vintage

Inculcating vintage into home décor is one of the most popular living room trends in 2022. The saying, old is gold, has proven to be true with this trend as we often take inspiration from the past whenever coming up with new décor ideas. Vintage home décor gives a unique personality to the house – be it old dressers and dining tables or even stand-alone pieces such as chairs, sofas, lamps, and side tables. A vintage mirror with Victorian borders, for example, is a piece that’ll never go out of style.

5. Earthy and Neutral Tones

Choosing brown and colours of the earth opens up a wide range of possibilities for your home. This is one of the most preferred decorating styles wherein you can stick to natural hues that function as a canvas at all times. Stone greys, tinted blacks, and warm chocolate colours are the key players here. You can opt for these as colours for your wall, tiles, and even cabinets. These make for a neutral palette, one formed as a part of home décor colour trends for 2022.

6. Floor Beds

A floor bed is a bed at a low height that can be placed in the corner of a room or near the balcony, which not only provides a unique look but is also one of the latest furniture trends. With the comfort of a floor bed and a high-quality natural latex mattress, you can lie down and enjoy some me-time at any time of the day.

7. DIY Home Décor

DIY home décor is one of the beloved new interior design trends. It not only adds to the sustainability but also gives you more scope to create something of your own and add to the kind of vibe you want to set for your home. It also results in a relaxing hobby for some and lets you decide what kind of décor accessory or full-blown furniture piece you want to create concerning your vision.

8. High Tech Homes

If you’re ready to invest in your home décor that renders functionality in the long run, opting for a high-tech home where technology is at the forefront and centre might be the right trend for you to follow. For homeowners seeking convenience, right from controlling the security of their house and managing the specifics of temperature, lights and music to self-shading windows and induction cooktops, high-tech homes and furniture can be anything you want them to be.

9. Incorporating Nature

If you admire nature, we suggest you go the extra mile and incorporate nature into your home décor and bring verdant greenery into your home. Plants can easily complement neutral and warm browns and fill the space with serenity and peace. However, you must do your research before you bring plants into your living space. Here are a few that don’t require a lot of care and are now known as the interior décor plants.

  • Sweetheart plant: A climber that can grow easily in semi to fully-shaded rooms.
  • Fiddle leaf fig: This is a beautiful bushy plant that thrives in sunny rooms and only requires weekly watering.
  • Monstera: These are a large family of plants with unique cut-out-shaped leaves. They thrive in interiors with low light.
  • Palm: Another variety of small and big plants that can be nurtured in partial sunlit rooms.

  • Snake plant: These are rumoured to absorb negativity and flourish in indirect sunlight with infrequent watering durations.

10. Simplicity is key

If not earthy tones, you can stick to simple pastel shades over vibrant colours for the walls. Blue, grey, pink, orange, and ivory-like mellow pastels are the trending wall designs in 2022. The energy of these colours is calming and comforting. You can also pick out shades by searching spring 2022 home décor trends, which is a celebration of pastel hues all over.


While trends come and go, deciding on home décor is a decision one must make with proper research since it is something that one cannot change every single day – it’s an investment of sorts. At the end of the day, the home décor must appeal to the people who call the place home; hence you must be duly involved in the process and pick designs & styles that suit you the most!

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