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14 Fantastic Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Summer

by | May 7, 2022 | Lifestyle

With the arrival of summer, we must not only prepare our bodies for the heat but our bedrooms as well. A bedroom is a place of relaxation and peace, one of the most important places at home where we seek rest and solace after a long day and wake up to a new morning.

Summers can be harsh with the constant increase in temperatures owing to which there are also occasional power cuts that make tossing and turning in bed the only option. Thus, it is important to give the bedroom just as much importance as we do to our wardrobes to ensure it is summer-ready.

You may think, why prepare the bedroom for summer? Well, being a place for relaxation, the bedroom must remain cool and refreshing at all times, especially during the blatant heat waves outside.

While preparing the bedroom for summer is not rocket science, it is a process. As such, here are a few summer bedroom design tips that will give you a head start on this simple yet important step for the summer season.

Best Small Bedroom Design Ideas for Summer

Out of the numerous décor and furnishing tips that one could bring to the platter for preparing their bedroom for summer, here are 14 small bedroom design ideas for quick results.

1. De-clutter

The easiest way to let the breeze into any room is to de-clutter the space and get rid of all unnecessary things. If you have rugs or carpets in your bedroom, know that they generate heat as they are meant to insulate. Hence, roll them up and put them away with your winter belongings. It’s time to become Marie Kondo!

2. Add light, flowy fabrics to the bedroom

Most bedrooms have curtains with thick fabrics. If you want a well-ventilated bedroom with light coming through, along with the breeze, you must change the bedroom curtains to lighter fabrics. Cotton linens and silk curtains are always in trend. You can also utilize a cotton comforter for summer.

3. Add nature to your bedroom

The thing about nature is that it induces so much joy and peace within. But, when summer arrives, it becomes next to impossible to go outside and spend some time amidst nature. Here, you can introduce flowers and plants to your bedroom to add a more soothing and cooling form of décor.

4. Use cool colours

The colour theory is very much relevant when it comes to changing the kind of colours we use in our rooms with respect to inducing heat or coolness. Dark, saturated, and opaque colours are colours of the heat, so you need to switch to pastels. We suggest you go for shades of ivory and white or cooler tones of blue and yellow.

5. Summer Scents

Invest in a room diffuser to enhance the way your bedroom feels, especially with smell being one of the most potent senses of a person. When the bedroom has a light and clean scent, it brings a sense of calm to one’s mind.

6. Change your linen

It is not only curtains that need to be changed but the fabric of your bedroom linen and its colours as well! Try a light palette and light fabric bedsheet, and you’ll experience a more breathable kind of linen that doesn’t keep you turning and tossing in bed. A light cotton summer bedsheet with floral themes is one of our personal favourites. You can also look for bedsheets online.

7. Change your mattress

One of the important things that can turn around your bedroom in summer is the mattress. Investing in natural latex mattress for summers is an excellent choice as it is sensitive to body temperature. The best part, it is an all-weather mattress, making it a worthy investment when you want to create a comfortable bedroom environment!

8. Let the light in

Contrary to popular opinion, when the blinds are drawn in summer, it brings in more heat. Hence, let the sunlight in the bedroom to ensure the room is fresh and breezy. This will also render some light to the greens in your bedroom and save you from switching the lights during the daytime.

9. Ventilation

Ventilation is important to ensure that stale and unhealthy air doesn’t get cramped in your bedroom. It is advisable that you keep the windows closed and the blinds open during the daytime. You can open the windows to let the breeze in during the evening. You can also install an exhaust fan if you wish to. Also, as bizarre as it may sound, there are AC blankets for summer to give you that extra ventilation right on the bed!

10. Add to the ventilation

While there is only so much natural means of ventilation can do, to keep your bedroom cool, install an additional table fan or air conditioner to keep the bedroom cool according to your personal preference.

11. Install awnings

When you install awnings on sun-facing doors and windows, it not only adds to keeping the house cool in the extreme summer heat but also reduces air conditioning costs and enhances the exterior of your house.

12. Are your bedroom lights summer friendly?

If the answer to this question is no, then it’s time to change the lighting. Remove the incandescent bulbs that emit a lot of heat and waste energy and replace them with cooler lights like LEDs. LEDs not only reduce heat inside the house but also saves energy.

13. DIY methods

When all else is tried and tested, DIY methods come to the rescue. This is one of the popular DIY methods for keeping the bedroom cool during summers. Take a medium-sized bowl and fill it with ice and place it in front of a table fan. After some time, the ice will melt and evaporate, making the air around turn cool.

14. Check for pests

Summer is when pests thrive the most, so it is important to have a pest-free bedroom and a pest-free house. Keep a check for pests like cockroaches and lizards and carry out pest control.

To sum up

These tips aim at answering your queries on how to decorate your bedroom and upgrade it for summer. These tips will help keep your bedroom cool without you having to undergo the hassle of renovating the entire space from scratch. Set the summer vibe you wish to, and go all out on experimenting with pastels and patterns for your bedroom. After all, a cool and mellow bedroom during summer is the perfect place to relax, unwind and wake up every day.

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