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Effective Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom After Monsoon

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Lifestyle

The tropical monsoon season is a much-needed respite post the scorching summer heat. Although it is enjoyed by many, this weather often restricts us to our homes. Whether it is a slight drizzle or a downpour, this weather can be a mood dampener and cast a gloomy aura around the house. Before we learn some effective tips to refresh the bedroom, let’s take a look at how monsoons affect the air inside our homes.

A. How does the monsoon season affect air circulation inside the house?

The air circulation in a room is less as the doors and windows are closed to prevent the rainwater from entering your room. Although due to rains the weather becomes pleasant, and there is seldom use of fans or air-conditioners. This causes an increase in air moisture which cannot escape.

This moisture gives rise to fungus in the air that causes damage to the furniture and other things in the room. Wooden furniture, doors, wardrobes, and windows get musty and are attacked by fungus. This gives rise to the musty smell, and the suspended fungus particles in the air can cause respiratory tract infections. The air smells stale and dull. The room also becomes gloomy with the gloomy monsoon day.

A cup of coffee while reading a book in the evening as it rains heavy outside is a dreamy evening for most of us. But sometimes, with the constant downpour of rains, the atmosphere turns gloomy. Such a bland atmosphere can affect your mental well-being too and make you dull and sluggish.

If you’re experiencing laziness during rains, you can always try adding some vibrancy to the room. Read on to learn a few tricks and tips to refresh your bedroom after monsoons and make it lively and healthy for everyone in the house.

B. Tips to refresh your bedroom after the monsoon

1. Plants

Monsoon is the best time to start gardening. You can use decorative and flowering plants to add colour to your room. The succulents will help to reduce moisture in the air and increase oxygen. Being in touch with nature can help improve mental health as it acts as a stress buster and mood reliever. A variety of plants for the rainy season can even help to keep pesky insects away. The flowers with a sweet smell can help to de-stress and remove the musty smell from the room, enlivening your space.

2. Home décor:

Your bedroom should encourage the free flow of positive energy. Cleaning up the mess helps improve the area and enables us to stay calm. Use elegant furniture and keep it at a minimum. This should make it easy to clean and maintain. However, during monsoons, it can get challenging to venture out.

An innovative way to have some fun in your bedroom during monsoons is to add a swing and enjoy the weather at home with a hot cup of tea. To add some energy and soul while decorating your bedroom, you can hang some wind chimes to add to the soothing music throughout the day with the wind passing through it. 

3. New mattress:

Humid air makes the mattress moist and can lead to fungus formation. It will even emit a mushy smell and can cause some skin allergies if you are prone to allergies. The damp mattress can make it difficult for you to sleep, turn sides and even cause backache or muscle pain.

To avoid such a situation, you can switch to an organic latex mattress that is suitable for all weather in India. It helps air circulation by not trapping heat and also keeps the bed dry. The organic mattresses are easy to maintain, resistant to termites and dust mites, and are skin-friendly. Another tip to protect your mattress during monsoons is from mould and fungus, invest in a mattress protector. It will help keep the mattress clean, moisture-free and in good condition for a longer period.

4. Keep the upholstery clean:

The sofa, curtains and other upholstery feel damp during monsoons. The moisture-laden air makes its favourite place for fungus and dust mites. It can give a musty smell to the room. You can wash the upholstery cover regularly to keep it pest free. You can get the sofas deep-cleaned by the professionals. You can get the curtains dry cleaned regularly.

5. Prevent moisture on the walls:

How to protect my wall from moisture?’ is a common worry among people. A touch of colour or polish on the walls will make the bedroom look neat, new and free of moisture. You can create a borax and vinegar mixture to remove mould patches from the walls.

Another small bedroom design idea is to install exhaust fans for proper air circulation. If possible, have cross ventilation in the room to prevent mould formation on the wall. Repair the leakage or moisture on the walls to prevent mould and fungus formation.

6. Experiment with the lights to uplift the vibe:

The best home decor idea is lighting. It can give dramatic uplift to the room. Bright lights can make your dull room vibrant. You can experiment with led, coloured or daylights to set different moods at different times. You can also use scented candles to de-stress, remove mouldy smell and keep the room fresh.

7. Play with colours to make the room vibrant and lively:

Colours can change the whole dimension of the home décor. Avoid dark-coloured linens, curtains or pillow covers. Dark colours can make the room look dull and gloomy. Instead, opt for bright vibrant colours.

8. Importance of the diffuser:

A diffuser is a product used to spread a mild scent in the room using essential oils. These essential oils help to calm your nerves, reduce anxiety, de-stress your mind and keep the rooms fresh. It is a ceramic pot under which you light a candle. Slowly with the heat, the essential oil diffuses in the air emanating a pleasant fragrance. You can use flavours like lemon grass, lavender, cinnamon, apple, and berries. You can also use camphor which has additional benefits of getting rid of mosquitoes and flies.


Changing the weather may not be in your hands, however, designing a comfortable bedroom suitable for the monsoon weather is. Follow the above-mentioned steps to replace the dull and gloomy atmosphere with a vibrant and lively abode. If you’re further interested in learning some tips for organising the bedroom, read ourblog!

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