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Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Mattress

When looking for a mattress in a store or an online dedicated shopping portal, one of your deciding factors should be, how long it will take for the mattress to sag. After all, they are not typically made to last forever. In reality, most mattresses start to degrade and lose their shape over time.

However, a latex mattress made entirely of natural latex is another matter and generated organically. Depending on how the mattress is made, it can keep its shape and form for 20 years or longer. The fact that a latex mattress lasts a long time is just one of the many advantages it has over an innerspring mattress that uses traditional materials.

In this guide, you will learn some basics about the sagging process and how to improve your chances of getting a mattress that will not sag.

What Does the Sag Factor in Mattresses Mean?

You should inquire about the sag factor when looking for latex or conventional mattresses. The capacity of a mattress to regain its normal shape after being crushed is known as the sag factor.

The best sag factor is five, with a range of 1 to 5. A mattress with a greater sag factor will quickly regain its normal shape after being compressed. Mattresses with a sag factor of three or more are typically regarded as high quality.

What Causes a Mattress to Sag?

  • Insufficient Support – A mattress that doesn’t have enough support may begin to sag. This can be because the foundation or frame isn’t strong enough to support the mattress. To prevent sagging, you must have a strong structure or base to support your mattress.
  • Gradual Firmness Loss Over Time – A mattress is more likely to sag as it becomes older. This is because the support it provides will decline over time due to the materials employed in its creation breaking down.
  • Water Damage – If your mattress is wet, the materials will lose shape and elasticity, causing the mattress to begin to sag.
  • Putting Too Much Weight on the Mattress – The weight of a person can also affect the durability of the mattress. A mattress that doesn’t offer support can sag quickly, under too much weight. This is because the additional weight will result in the mattress’ components stretching out and losing their firmness.

How To Fix a Sagging Mattress?

If your mattress sags, you can take the following actions:

  • Use a Mattress Topper

An additional layer of cushioning called a mattress topper is placed on top of the mattress to change the firmness. To create a more level sleeping surface, a thick topper may help fill in drooping spaces. Toppers often range in thickness from two to five inches. Versions that are thicker cover sagging better than thinner models.

  • Rotate the Mattress

By rotating your mattress, you can reduce the amount of sagging by dispersing the wear and strain on the mattress. To reduce the sagging, a mattress can be turned upside-down.

  • Use Pillows to Supporting Sagging Areas

A foam mattress could be especially prone to deterioration and sagging. A simple solution would be to place one or more pillows of the appropriate size on the mattress’s depressed area. If you want it to feel seamless when you’re lying on top of it, cover it with a tightly fitting sheet.

Benefits of a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex offers a wide range of additional advantages, which accounts for its rising popularity. Here are some of them:

  • Lowers Risk to Health

Do you experience allergies and respiratory issues in situations where you must breathe in synthetic chemicals? You can stay away from the memory foam off-gassing by sleeping on a mattress made with natural latex.

Chemicals such as Phthalates, formaldehyde, and vinyl are not used in the production of natural latex models. This is because even slight physical contact with these chemicals’ residues can trigger skin irritations and other issues that are commonly faced by people who own cheap mattresses. Learn why it isn’t a good idea to purchase poor quality mattresses with our informative guide.

  • Breathability

Since natural latex does not retain body heat like memory foam, you do not have to worry about sweating on your mattress. Natural latex mattress offers a cooler sleeping experience. Natural latex is renowned for being breathable. As we have said,  a natural latex mattress is something to think about if you frequently wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot. Although some synthetic mattresses advertise “cooling gels,” these are not as pure as true latex layers.

  • Customization

Every mattress manufacturer offers a different level of customization but some carry Talalay and Dunlop bed latex in Soft, Medium, and Firm densities. This implies that your mattress can be customised to meet your demands. As a result? Comfortable luxury that will keep you warm and well-rested.

  • Worth the Money

For the sake of the environment, your budget, and your health, natural mattresses are a wise investment. Natural latex mattresses in India are more affordable than mattresses made of other materials since they are more durable.

  • Environment

By making a purchase, you are expressing your opinion about the kinds of goods you think the market should carry. By selecting an organic luxury mattress brand in India, you help a business that supports organic farming and uses natural resources for organic mattresses rather than harming the environment with harmful chemicals and unsustainable manufacturing methods.

5 Strategies to Reduce Natural Latex Mattress Sagging

  • Give Preference to Natural Latex Instead of Synthetic Latex

Even though synthetic latex can be less biodegradable than natural latex, natural latex tends to be more durable overall, therefore natural latex mattresses can sag more than synthetic latex mattresses. You should pay attention to the mattress latex standards like GOLS, which is a mark of quality for latex mattresses. Refer to our comprehensive GOLS guide to learn about the standard.

  • Employ a Compatible Base

To achieve optimum compatibility, reduce the risk of sagging, and prevent difficulties that could potentially void the warranty, it is best to place your latex mattress on a foundation that is suggested by the manufacturer.

  • Invest in a Dunlop Latex or Spring Support Core

Compared to latex mattresses with Talalay support cores, latex mattresses with a Dunlop latex support core may be less prone to sagging. This is so that the onset of drooping can be delayed. Dunlop latex tends to be denser and more long-lasting, making it possibly better at bearing body weight and compression pressures.

  • Rotate your Mattress, but don’t flip it

A simple strategy to prevent mattress sagging is to rotate your mattress once every three months, if you put too much weight on it. This is because the components in specific places of a mattress can sag more easily if they are repeatedly subjected to a concentrated weight in the same location.

  • Acquire the Optimal Level of Firmness and Support

Making sure you can sleep peacefully depends on choosing the right mattress firmness. Additionally, choosing the wrong firmness level can potentially cause your mattress to prematurely droop and indent, especially if you choose a mattress that is too soft. This can cause discomfort.


Always consider the lifespan of various materials when choosing a mattress. Only then will you be able to determine whether your mattress is a wise purchase that will last for many years. Now that you are aware of the facts about sagging, you can decide whether or not a latex mattress is best for you.

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