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DIY Adorable Bedroom Ideas for Kids

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Lifestyle

Kids have very specific ideas about how their bedrooms should look, and they frequently get these ideas from popular movies and fairy tales. If you haven’t won the jackpot, it’s unlikely to gift your kids the bedroom that they dreamed of. All you need is a classic style that strikes a balance between your childish imagination and your sense of practicality. Armed with the spirit, imagination, creativity  and faith your child has in you, you can design a fashionable kid’s bedroom  that they will fall in love with.

A kid’s room can be a lot of fun to decorate! Play around with amusing themes, vibrant colours, and daring styles without fear. These do-it-yourself crafts are excellent ways to decorate a child’s room. One or more of these ideas can help your child feel unique and special in their room.

We are here to offer your kids the bedroom of their dreams. In this handy guide, you will get to know 10+ DIY adorable bedroom ideas for your kids to shine.

Let’s dive in!

10+ DIY Adorable Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Add a personal touch to your little one’s lair with the following DIY adorable bedroom ideas. They’ll love our fun furniture upgrades, playful wall art, and colourful accessories.

1. Craft your own Floral Garlands

Make a big impression on a modest budget with handcrafted garlands. With this entertaining concept, the choices are unlimited. Use scrapbook paper to make bunting, and yarn to make tassels and pom-poms. Looking for a simpler, Scandinavian vibe? Attach wooden beads to a twine piece. These handcrafted works of art can be hung all around the space to add visual interest and do away with the necessity for wall art.

2. Reading Nook situated above a Beanbag

A small escape corner is a great addition to any kids’ room arrangement. Any child will value having a private space to retreat to, whether it’s for reading or just unwinding. Add some lovely fairy lights and a canopy draping over the seating area to give it a warm vibe to make it even more inviting.

3. Wide Bookcase with Bold Letters

Such a unique and endearing bookcase will appeal to the reading-inclined child. The combination of books and kid-friendly objects like cuddly animals on this shelf works wonderfully. Think of the large letters above the shelves as well, which can spell out anything significant to your child, such as the easy and relevant words like read, book, or even their name.

4. Versatile Room Divider

Designing the ideal shared bedroom can be tricky because there are so many things to think about. So, use a versatile room divider to divide the zones; it has one side that is covered in patterned fabric and the other that is painted with blackboard paint for noting homework.

5. Just One Wall of Wallpaper

You can wallpaper one wall for a quarter of the price of wallpapering your child’s complete room. Right, groundbreaking? This is a tactic that designers have approved for use in both kid’s rooms and adult bedrooms. To create a statement, use a bright, graphic poster and keep the other walls neutral.

6. Mix Patterns

We believe that when it comes to matching, too much of a good thing can most likely turn into a terrible thing. Blending patterns and colours in one area is a fantastic way to give a space character and zing. This benefits your financial situation. Instead of purchasing brand-new linens and artwork for your child’s room, mix and match items from your collection for a fun, diverse effect.

7. Create Art With Paint

Kids love colours, but selecting the right one can be challenging. Even if your child may love everything hot pink right now, that doesn’t guarantee that they will in the future. Additionally, the idea of repainting the entire room in a few short years is enough to make anyone have colour commitment concerns. So, why not use three colours rather than painting the entire space one colour? The bottom walls of this room are painted a deep, inky blue, and the upper walls are painted a crisp, dazzling white. To create a visually arresting appearance, a baby blue stripe separates the two colours, negating the need for overly ornate ornamentation.

8. Beautifully Furnished Little Girl’s Desk

Some children are well-organised but require some assistance in the beginning. Your youngster will always be ready for homework and crafts with this setup. The desk undoubtedly gives the room a more sophisticated feel. At the same time, the framed portraits and the cuddly animals on the floating shelves serve as a charming reminder of the purpose of this space.

9. Bright and Comfy Daybed with Bedding

A child will feel at home in a well-lit space. This one makes good use of the area’s natural lighting to illuminate every decorative feature. The daybed’s pillows and bedding, both have floral patterns, continuing the style’s floral motif. Any child would love to unwind a little in the room because of how inviting it all is. You get the best organic mattress for kids from reputed mattress manufacturers known to deliver supreme comfort and warranty.

While purchasing a mattress with bright colour might sound great, don’t forget to invest in one that also is ideal for a child’s growth. Learn more about the importance of choosing the best mattress for your child with our in-depth guide.

10. Decorative Crates with Accessories

With these adorable painted crates, you can make a unique and entertaining storage place for all of your child’s trinkets and tiny belongings. They are endearing and can quickly bring some light and a homey atmosphere to any kid’s room. It works best in a room for an older child as well, and it can fit just about any place, including around their desk area.

11. Display Toys and Collections

Even after children outgrow daily play, parents still value their children’s toys. When that happens, you can design a display that celebrates the value of their possessions, elevating stuffed animals and toys in a special yet orderly out-of-reach location.


A kid’s rooms can be the most entertaining and inviting area of the house, therefore decorating them is the best way for parents to bring their imaginative thoughts to life and design the ideal environments for their children. We’ve covered some of our favourite do-it-yourself kid’s bedroom design ideas in this DIY guide. As much as you cover the practical needs, try not to overlook the fun; instead, choose a theme that reflects the interests and pastimes of your children as well as what components are essential for them. If you are designing a bedroom for your newborn child, you’ll have to consider a few other things apart from creativity and style. Our guide on 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Newborn Baby Mattress can help resolve your queries.

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