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Top 7 Tips to Choose The Best Pillow For Children

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Health, Pillow

Few people think considerably before purchasing a pillow. It’s a common flaw. The main thought that pops up is that it’s just a pillow, right? How hard could it be to choose one?

But did you know that if you aren’t careful while choosing your pillow, it could cause health problems? Like pain in the shoulders or neck stiffness. You may also get a muscle pull in this region. All these factors could impact your daily activities, and this holds true for children too.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions about children’s pillows. We have also listed some tips to help you find the right pillow for your child.

A] Why Do Kids Require a Good Pillow?

Children require pillows to support their delicate necks and help them sleep well. An ideal fit would be a small-size, thin and firm pillow that:

  • Provides good support to their developing necks
  • Prevents or lowers allergies
  • Aids in proper spinal alignment

Here, organic pillows for kids are an excellent option, as it is made using natural & safe material, which unlike other pillows (that uses small pellets) could lead to a choking hazard if the pillow gets damaged.

B] At What Age Should Kids Use a Pillow?

Children around 15 months do not need a pillow. Their sleeping habits do not kick in completely until they turn two.

To know if your child needs a pillow, observe them while sleeping. If they place their arms below their head or a soft toy below their head, it is time to start your search for the right pillow.

Children do not show these signs until they are at least 24 months old. At this age, they start to develop their sleep habits and are likely to sleep on their back or side. Sleeping on their back or side without a pillow can damage their neck in the long run. Thus, provide them with a comfortable pillow that will aid in proper physical growth & development, and prevent undue muscle pull or injury.

C] Tips to Choosing the Best Pillow For Children

1. Size: The size of the pillow depends on their age. For an 18-24 months old kid, opt for a 10×16″ pillow. When they turn two, they can use a 13×18″ pillow. At the age of 4 to 5 years, they can use a 16×22″ pillow. From 6 to 12 years, an 18×24″ pillow is preferable. A teenager can use a 20×30″ pillow.

2. Material: While selecting the kids’ pillow, opt for a breathable material. Some of the materials used to make pillows are memory foam, synthetic filling, down, natural latex, cotton, and even buckwheat hulls. Here, natural latex is a superior option for kids’ pillows as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. They are also durable and offer enhanced support.

3. Safety: A safe pillow is a pillow that doesn’t pose suffocation hazards for your sleeping child. Be sure that your child has completed two years before introducing them to pillows.

4. Durability: Choosing a high-quality pillow for a child is beneficial as it comes with longer durability. Make sure your child’s pillow last, and quality materials can qualify for the same.

5. Compatibility with sleeping position: Most children turn and toss in their sleep. Here, a flexible kids’ sleeping pillow is ideal as it allows the child to gain a natural, stable position during sleep. To check if your kid’s pillow is flexible or not, press it down in the centre. If the pillow doesn’t move instantly or takes time to get back into shape, it is not the right pillow for your child.

6. Easy to clean: Another tip for choosing the best pillow for children is to check the outer material. The soft, pleasant material that cradles their tiny head is also exposed to saliva and sweat. To protect your child’s health, washing their pillow covers at regular intervals is essential. Thus, choose a pillow that is easy to clean (with a removable cover) while making a purchase.

7. Special features: Some special features for a kid’s pillow are cooling, hypoallergenic and portable.

  • A breathable pillow allows the air to circulate and keeps the child cool, especially during summers.
  • Choosing a hypoallergic kids’ pillow is the best solution for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.
  • Look for portability, as some kids may want to carry their pillows with them while travelling.

A superior quality children’s pillow makes it free from unpleasant odours and retains its shape for longer durations. All these features could significantly improve your child’s comfort, health and performance, ensuring they have a safe and healthy sleep at night.

D] aloha’s Ecokids Pillows

  • aloha Flex Organic Pillow: aloha India’s organic flex kid’s pillow comes with an adjustable design and is suitable for kids across different sleeping position groups. Created from all-natural GOLS certified latex, this organic kid’s pillow offers a three-year warranty. It is highly responsive, durable, breathable and protects your child from allergies.
  • aloha Comfy Organic Pillow: aloha’s comfy pillow provides the best comfort and perfect responsive support. Manufactured from pure 100% organic superior latex, this pillow is free from harmful gasses and other high-risk allergens. Due to the open cell structure of the natural pillow, it is breathable and regulates the temperature while their head lays on the pillow. This will keep your child cool throughout the night.

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Sleeping on a comfy, soft pillow paired with a high-quality organic mattress will help your kid sleep better. As kids transition from the cradle to bed, they require pillows. As a parent, we always want the best for our children. Thus, here, an organic natural pillow is the safest choice as it comes with many beneficial features that can help enhance your child’s health & productivity. So, before purchasing a pillow, always do thorough research to make an informed choice.

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