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Choose the Best Mattresses for Kids – All You Need to Know

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Mattress

Children rely on quality sleep to energize their rapid learning and growth skills. They also need more sleep than adults to maintain the same amount of energy for their day to day tasks. The amount of sleep required for a child depends on their age. For instance, younger children between the ages of 3 to 5 years need about 10 to 13 hours of sleep. Older children relatively require fewer hours of sleep.

With the help of the right comfortable mattress, your child will have a goodnight’s sleep. In order to pick the right mattress, you would first need some guidance on ‘How do you choose one?’, ‘What are the aspects or types you must go for?’ or ‘Who can provide you with the best quality mattress?’ There are certain factors to consider while looking for the perfect mattress. Read along to learn about pressure relief, firmness, temperature, neutrality, price-point, and so on.

A] How To Choose The Best Mattress for Kids?

If you’re planning on getting the perfect mattress for your kid, you will to furnish the crib with an extra-soft, fluffy mattress that is dust-proof. Mattresses at first may seem soft, but in the near days turns to affect your child with body pain or allergies. At the growing stage of a kid, they go through structural development. The correct mattress is vital as it ensures proper bone health and spinal alignment. Here are some insights on how to choose the best mattress for your child.

1. Durability Kids tend to jump on their beds when they enter the fun mode. As a result, the mattress needs to withstand a little damage. Hence, you must make sure you choose a mattress that is durable, easy to clean and can stand up to stains and mishandling. The use of mattress pads protects these aspects from wear and tear.

2. Longevity The perfect kids’ mattress should be able to adjust to the growing stage of your child. Hence, you should consider the longevity of the mattress before purchasing it. Kids tend to admire beds that are attractive looking but the longevity of the mattress is bad. To increase the longevity of a mattress, you can use a mattress protector, wash the bed linens frequently, limit pet use and rotate the mattress regularly. Keep in mind the growth spurts and how tall your child might get in a few years.

3. Comfort The most important aspect of all is to check the comfort level of your mattress. It is highly recommended to test how comfortable the mattress is by laying on it for at least 10 minutes. You can either take your child to the bedding store or use the free trial at home option from online stores. After you’ve reckoned all the other points, ask them one question, are you ready to have a goodnight’s sleep?

4. Material Did you know that childhood disorders such as autism, ADD/ADHD, allergies, asthma, cancer and more are rising dramatically? Children are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals than adults, especially during their first few years of life. Eliminating toxic chemicals from the product is the best way to keep your child safe.

The outer fabric of numerous mattresses is mostly vinyl, polyurethane or woven fabric made from nylon, polyester or cotton. Vinyl has chemical issues, while the others are organic. It causes allergic reactions like skin irritation and respiratory problems. In contrast, aloha uses a purer GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. The best way to protect your child is to opt for chemical-free mattresses.

B] What Else Should You Look for in a Kids Mattress?

There’s a lot more to keep in mind before purchasing the right mattress. Here are a few more insights, so you can rest assured of having brought the best mattress for your kids.

1. Pressure relief

Unlike other mattresses, a pressure relief mattress will provide the best care. The best mattress for kids is carefully designed with air pockets, specifically created to place less pressure on the main pressure points in the body.

2. Cooling

Organic kids’ mattresses are made from 100% natural materials. These mattresses are free from bleach, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Organic mattresses are better at maintaining neutral temperatures. They also don’t trap body heat and provide enhanced air circulation that will keep your child’s body cool while they sleep.

3. Spine alignment

Your kid’s comfort level is the most important aspect. A mattress that fails to give comfort will affect your child’s spine, causing them spine alignment problems. Due to its high elasticity, organic mattresses can comfortably adapt to your child’s body type. This feature is great for a growing child, as it creates a comfortable and safe environment suitable for deep and restful sleep.

4. Warranty

What’s a product if you have no warranty for it? Your kids may love the mattress and may not want to get out of it. But, what if one day either the spring jumps out or there’s a tear on the cloth? To avoid such a mess, always lookout for a warranty.

5. Accessories

What else are you getting along with your kid’s mattress? For your kids to get hours of peaceful sleep, their sleeping experience should be comfortable, safe, and inviting. Apart from investing in a good bedroom theme and set-up and choosing the right mattress, you also need to check for other accessories, such as pillows and bedsheets. Choose a pillow made from natural & safe materials so that your kid doesn’t face pain in their shoulders or neck stiffness. To learn more about selecting the right pillow, read our blog!

aloha’s Organic Kids Mattress

Best-in-class quality

All our products are delivered to your doorstep and are 100% organic latex mattresses. So, you can rest assured that your kids aren’t going to wrestle with chemicals and get itchy backs.

100 days trial

1-day trial, 3-day trial, we’ve heard it all. But, 100-day trial and that too on mattresses!! Crazy! Isn’t it? You’ve heard it just right. aloha’s organic mattress provides a 100-day trial so you can try it out with a few sleepers before finalising the product.

aloha echokids mattress

Our kid’s mattress is designed to help children sleep better. As one of the best organic mattresses for kids, it is environmentally friendly and naturally made, so you can be confident that your child is having a healthy and restorative sleep.


1. What are aloha mattresses made of?

aloha mattresses are 100% natural latex mattresses that are non-toxic and chemical-free.

2. What certifications does aloha have?

Our mattresses are GOLS certified which is Global Organic Latex Standard and are free from petroleum-based polyurethane foams.

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