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Best Sleeping Positions for Restful Nights

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Natural Latex Mattress

Why do we sleep? Isn’t it funny to ask? We all already know the answer, but it seems like we never gave it any thought. But we must be aware of what happens if we don’t get enough sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep can cause irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and laziness. While sleeping, our bodies repair and rejuvenate so that we wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Sleeping hours allow our bodies to recover from all the stress, allowing us time to relax, refuel, and improve our mental health. So, ensuring a good night’s sleep is essential and we must focus on a consistent sleep routine and a comfortable environment. However, a comfortable environment can be achieved by sleeping on a natural latex mattress in India.

Even if you have a natural latex mattress in India that is comfortable, it won’t help you if you aren’t sleeping in the right position. Learning the proper sleeping posture is crucial because if we spend eight hours in the incorrect position, we lose our sleep time and negatively affect our health. A bad sleeping position can lead to poor circulation and aches and pains. In addition, it may result in neck pain, tension headaches, and even sleep apnea. Furthermore, if it is not fixed, it can harm your spine permanently.

Each one of us has a preferred sleeping position that we automatically adopt each night. Let us dive into the comprehensive guide about sleeping positions for sleepers on natural latex mattress in India.

natural latex mattress in India

A Comprehensive Guide About Sleeping Positions: –

  1. Sleeping on your back: This is considered to be the best sleeping position as in this your body tends to distribute weight on the entire mattress and doesn’t hold it to only a few sections. Additionally, sleeping on your back benefit in maintaining a neutral spine and also aids in lowering the possibility of developing orthopaedic problems.And did you know that some people can get skin rashes or wrinkles from pillow contact? As a result, many people choose to sleep on their backs. But do note that if you snore or suffer from sleep apnea, sleeping on your back might not be a good idea.

  2. Side Sleeping: If you snore while sleeping then this can be the best sleeping position to consider as your tongue is fall back into your throat, causing an obstruction that could cause snoring. Apart from snoring, there are other benefits such as your airway staying open, so you can breathe easier and it sleeping on the left side is also the best position for those suffering from acidity. As side sleeping reduces pressure on the spine, it can also prevent neck pain and lower back pain.However, persons with shoulder problems should avoid sleeping in this position since it may cause stiff shoulders.

  3. Stomach Sleeping Position: Let’s be clear about the fact that sleeping on the stomach has significant risks, even though it’s a good position for people suffering from sleep apnea or snoring. However, sleeping on your stomach might result in neck and back pain and put a lot of unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints.Do note that if you are a pregnant woman then you should never sleep on your stomach.

  4. Fetal Position: Before knowing about the advantages and disadvantages, it is imperative to know what is the fetal position. The fetal position is when you lay on your side and put your knees up to your chest while sleeping. Apart from the benefits such as reducing heartburn, this position is ideal for pregnant women and people with back pain. But if you have a shoulder injury or shoulder pain, this position may not be right for you.


So, it’s time for you to switch from an incorrect to a correct sleeping posture because, in addition to selecting a natural latex mattress in India, your sleeping position has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Depending on each person’s health situation, each person has a different preferred sleeping position. So, gradually take baby steps and train yourself to sleep in the correct position, and unlock the secret to improving your sleep quality.

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