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Best Organic Pillows For Kids in 2022

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Pillow

Kids these days have a hectic schedule. They need to keep up with the academic curriculum, extracurricular activities, and playtime. With such a busy day, kids are naturally going to be tired and need a good night’s sleep. It is not the only reason one needs to sleep. There are other reasons too why your body needs sleep. The hours of sleep reduce as the baby grows.

A. Importance of Sleep for Kids

  • During sleep, the brain analyses and stores information in the subconscious mind.
  • Sleep is essential for the mental and physical development of a kid as it repairs the body’s cells.
  • Sound sleep boosts the immune system
  • Lack of sleep affects the alertness, cognition and attention span of a kid
  • Lack of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and obesity in adulthood and lead to anxiety and depression

For sound sleep, you need to have a sleep-friendly atmosphere so that your kid’s sleep is not disturbed. You need to:

  • Sleep and wake up at the same time every day
  • Avoid distractions like TV, mobile phones, electronic devices and light toys an hour before sleeping
  • Kids need to have a healthy diet and need to have enough physical activity during the day
  • Listen to light, soothing meditating music while sleeping to calm the mind
  • Change into comfortable cotton clothes before going to sleep
  • Parents can use sleep accessories like appropriate children’s pillows, mattresses, and blankets that can help for a better quality of sleep

B. Sleep accessories for Kids

  • Mattress:

The kids’ spine can grow up to 1.5 cms in sleep. Most kids tend to change many sleeping positions. The mattress needs to support the kid’s spine and not wear down easily with the changing positions. A kid’s mattress should be soft yet firm to hold their posture. As they grow, opt for a hybrid mattress with an innerspring and a foam layer. Innerspring allows the kid easily change positions during the night. The foam layer gives adequate support to the spine of the kid.

Always select an organic mattress that does not cause any rash or allergy to the kid. The mattress should be eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Organic mattresses can also help with air circulation when the kid sleeps for long hours and absorbs sweat too. Another bonus point is that a latex organic mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites.

  • Pillows:

A pillow becomes essential when the kid is growing. It helps to support the neck and correct the posture of the spine. Just like choosing an organic mattress is better, so is a natural latex pillow. Organic pillows for kids would not cause any allergy or skin rash to the kid as they do not release moisture. The pillow should not be too soft or too hard as it can harm the spine posture. It has to be of medium firmness, just right to support the neck. It is best to opt for pillows that can be machine washed to keep them clean and fresh all-round the year.

  • Blankets:

It is recommended to not use blankets for toddlers in the crib as they can become suffocation and entanglement hazards. But as your child grows, blankets become an essential part of their sleeping accessories. A soft blanket provides warmth and cosiness that help the kid to sleep well. Choose the blanket according to the season. During summers use a thin blanket to avoid discomfort; on the other hand, use a thick blanket during chilly nights. Also, ensure that the blanket is lightweight, non-allergenic, soft on the skin, and easy to maintain.

  • Comfort materials for kids:

The kids need assurance of safety and comfort while sleeping. You can give your kid a soft toy to add extra comfort and cosiness. Another option is to let your child listen to soft meditative music for sound sleep. Keeping the temperature one or two degrees less can help your kid have a sound sleep.

C. Best Material for Kids Pillow

  • Organic Latex Pillow: Organic latex pillows provide unmatched comfort and have the perfect level of responsive support for your child’s head and neck in any sleep position. The core material of the pillow contains shredded organic latex. This material is known to contour the head and neck without hugging too closely. Organic natural pillows for kids are springy and breathable due to their open cell structure. It even regulates the temperature while your child’s head is comfortably lying on the pillow, so your children sleep cool throughout the night.
  • Organic Cotton Pillow: This pillow is filled with cotton, and you can fill the pillow till you achieve the desired firmness for the kid.
  • Organic Wool Pillow: This type of pillow is created from natural or organic wool with an organic cotton cover.
  • Kapok pillow: A kapok fibre-filled toddler pillow comes with an organic cotton cover. It helps keep the neck area sweat-free and keeps the child cool.

  • Organic Down Pillow: The pillow is filled with organic shredded natural latex and covered with organic cotton cover. It is machine wash friendly.

D. Essentials Points to keep in mind when Buying Pillows for Kids:

  • The firmness of the pillow has to be medium – not too soft nor too hard.
  • The thickness of the pillow should be enough to support the neck and not change the posture.
  • Buy a non-allergenic organic pillow.
  • The pillow should be easy to maintain and clean.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do toddlers need a pillow?

Infants up to 18 months do not need a pillow, as they’re hazardous in the crib. As the kid grows, you can introduce them to a pillow. It will help support the neck and correct the spine posture.

2. What kind of pillows a toddler can use?

A toddler can use a medium firmness pillow that is non-allergenic, allows air circulation, and absorbs sweat. It should not be too thick or too thin and should keep the neck straight to avoid choking or neck sprain while sleeping.

3. How to take care of sleepaloha kids’ pillows?

Here are some steps on how to take care of a sleepaloha kids’ pillow:

  • Use a pillow cover to avoid dust collection on the pillow.
  • Wash the pillow cover frequently to avoid any allergic reactions.
  • Sun-dry the pillow at regular intervals to remove the dampness.
  • Wash the pillow regularly if it is washable.
  • Do not fold the pillows to avoid any lump formation in the pillow.

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