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Best Mattress for Pregnant Women in India

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Natural Latex Mattress

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. These nine months are most important as she is forming a life in her womb. She goes through a wide range of emotions throughout this new and adventurous journey. Since she is carrying two lives at once, it is crucial to give her everything. By the time a woman is nine months pregnant, her body form has gradually changed. To bring life into the world, they give up their favourite foods, clothing and starts living differently. The process is undoubtedly challenging. To ensure the best for both her and her unborn child, she should also obtain enough rest and relaxation.

She deserves a restful and comfortable night’s sleep because relaxation and rest significantly influence the quality of sleep. The next concern is, “How can this be accomplished?” A mattress with unmatched support is necessary to solve most, if not all, of the sleeping problems associated with pregnancy. So, if you’re a pregnant woman, a natural latex mattress in India is the great option to go for. Yes, there isn’t a mattress out there that can be compared to it or compete with it.

Now if we are opting for a natural latex mattress in India then there must be reasons to support it. So, let’s look into why you should invest in a natural latex mattress.

Best Mattress for Pregnant Women in India1

Why Choose Natural Latex Mattress in India?

  1. 100% Organic: Unlike memory foam mattresses, natural organic mattresses are made of organic materials without the use of any chemicals, which makes them completely safe to use in pregnancy and poses no negative health risks to the mother or the baby.

  2. Comfort & Support: One thing which is guaranteed in natural latex mattresses is that it provides exceptional comfort. Additionally, a woman’s body weight continues to rise during pregnancy because of the baby inside her womb. Therefore, a supporting mattress is essential, and a latex mattress is an ideal companion. A natural latex mattress promotes optimal spinal alignment and effectively distributes body weight.

  3. Motion Isolation: This aspect benefits both the pregnant woman and her partner because it ensures that the other partner will not get disturbed no matter how frequently the pregnant woman flips or turns. A latex mattress typically has excellent edge support and motion isolation, making it less likely for one person’s movement to wake up a bed companion.

  4. No Bad Odour: A woman experiences many hormonal changes, mood swings and gets very sensitive to smell throughout the pregnancy phase. Mattresses made of natural latex are chemical-free and do not gas. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, which is crucial for expectant mothers who could be allergic to certain things.

  5. Regulates Temperature: When it comes to body temperature, a future mother could experience discomfort due to her changing body form. Latex mattresses prevent our bodies from overheating and their breathability factor makes them the best. The mattress’ pin core holes allow air to circulate and even lower body temperature by seven degrees.

Sleeping Positions For Expectant Mother On Natural Latex Mattress in India

After choosing the best natural latex mattress in India, now is the time to solve another issue that can affect their sleep quality i.e. the sleeping position. Sleeping on your side is the best posture for an expecting mother since it allows for good circulation and the least amount of pressure on your body. Pregnant women should sleep on their left sides, according to medical experts. Furthermore, resting on the left side promotes adequate blood flow. It also relieves strain on the back and stomach, providing better relaxation.

Don’t forget that you should never sleep on your stomach and also note that sleeping on your back can create difficulties with backaches, breathing, and the digestive system, as well as a decrease in circulation to your heart and your baby. However, a quick tip is that while sleeping on your sides it’s good to use a pillow in between your knees for extra comfort and support.

Now that we’ve discussed pillows, let’s shed some light on the best pillow you can buy. So, with natural latex mattress, choose its companion, a contour organic latex pillow.

The contoured organic latex pillow is designed to support the neck and head as well as relieve cervical and migraine pain while sleeping. In addition to helping improve sleep posture, contoured pillows are also helpful in reducing neck, back and hip pain for pregnant women.

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