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Get 25% off with code SLEEPCOOL25

Get 25% off with code SLEEPCOOL25


Organic Pillows For Adults

Gols Certified Latex Pillows For Adults

aloha has crafted the most comfortable pillows, made from organic GOLS certified latex, to bring you the best sleeping experience you’ll have. Sleep with plush, comfortable pillows that adapt to any sleeping style, and give your body the ideal support it needs for a good night’s sleep.

Aloha flex pillow

aloha flex pillow

The aloha Organic Flex Pillow is crafted with shredded latex, with an adjustable design that caters to multiple sleeping styles.

Aloha comfy pillow

aloha comfy pillow

Naturally springy and comfortable, the aloha Organic Comfy Pillow is the perfect companion for a comfortable good night’s sleep.

Aloha contour pillow

aloha contour pillow

Designed to relieve your body of pressure and soreness, the aloha Organic Contour Pillow is extra-firm, aligning your body and upper torso with the spine, and allowing them to relax.

The aloha experience doesn’t stop here.

Check out our other products.
Aloha classic mattress

aloha classic mattress

The original aloha organic mattress, perfect for those looking for a healthy lifestyle without wanting to compromise on good night’s sleep.
Aloha Mattress

aloha luxé mattress

Who doesn’t love a little indulgence? The aloha Luxe Mattress is perfect for that extra bit of comfort, so you can snuggle deeper and longer into that perfect sleep.

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Trusted by the people around the world.


Celebrating 10 years

of delivering organic 100% latex mattresses to our customers around the world
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Made in India (Kerala) organic certified latex delivering to the leading countries around the world

Buy Organic Pillows for Adults Online in India

Drift into a comfortable sleep as you lay your head on the best natural latex pillow in India. We all require a good night’s sleep if we want to wake up active and fresh in the morning. Most regular pillows fail to provide the proper comfort and support due to which you are unable to perform at your best during the day.

To experience a calm and comfortable sleep, invest in an eco-friendly, 100% Natural Latex Pillow. They are made from organic GOLS-certified latex to ensure the comfort and health of the user, thus they’re one of the best sleeping pillows online in India.


Does your latex pillow have any bad smell?

Our natural latex pillows can smell a little like sweet vanilla. However, the slight smell of latex will not be overpowering or unpleasant.

How can you find the right pillow for adults?

Choosing a pillow can be confusing thus, before purchasing a pillow, check the below points:

  • Quality
  • Size,
  • material
  • Breathability and
  • Sleeping position of a person

To learn more about choosing the right pillow, read our blog – How to choose the right pillow?

Can I wash the latex pillow?

You cannot wash latex pillows using a washing machine or a dryer. It is important to remember never to soak these pillows in water or expose it to direct sunlight. However, the soft Tencel fabric cover over the latex pillow can be washed using some mild detergents.

What is the max height on the organic latex pillow for adults?

The max height of an organic latex pillow for adults is 12 cm.

Do you offer trial period for pillows?

The GOLS certified pillows for adults are not available for a trial period.

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