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About Us

The birth of my child is the most cherished memory of my life. Holding my newborn in my arms awakened a protective instinct in me that I never knew existed. In that one moment, I promised my baby that I’d do whatever it takes to provide nothing but the best I had to offer.
For me, choosing an organic lifestyle was a step born out of necessity. With the birth of my newborn, the thought of providing a lifestyle free from pesticides and unwanted chemicals took center stage. However, the lack of clear options confounded me and so I took it upon myself to do some research.
It didn’t take long for me to become a convert. I was enamoured by the world of organic products! The benefits far surpassed any potential drawbacks, and it was precisely what I had been looking for. Naturally, my love affair with the organic lifestyle led me to discover the existence of organic mattresses.
To all aspiring mothers out there, a word of caution – you will never get enough sleep. My rose coloured glasses were knocked off rather swiftly as I was almost always sleep deprived. While it’s all worth it in the end, tending to a newborn can make an insomniac out of you and the joy of the world seems to dissipate when you haven’t slept for more than two hours, leaving behind a grumpy, irritable mess.

Call it divine intervention, but it was around this time that I discovered organic mattresses. People were leaving rave reviews, calling it the next best thing, and I couldn’t help but look it up.
The revelation that a mattress could be made from organic material really struck a chord with me, but I was dismayed to find that the organic mattresses offered by companies in India weren’t 100% organic. With my search for alternatives not leading to plausible results, I decided that it was time to bring about a change. And so, aloha was born.

My aim was to make the mattress in the image of my perfect mattress – a cornucopia of comfort and offering with just the right amount of back support. Most importantly, the mattress had to be completely organic. We dedicated all our efforts into creating a sustainable, and eco-friendly product, going the extra mile to ensure that our mattresses were certified by GOLS, ECO and OEKO-TEX, so that any mother could rest easy trusting in our vision. The sentiment of wanting to give your child a safe and healthy life resonates within all mothers, and being a mother, I felt it my duty to create a product that accomplishes this goal.
better environment

aloha is a representation of the love I have for my child, and my firm belief in creating a greener, safer and better environment, not just for us, but for the future of my child and all children – the future belongs to them. I believe that an organic lifestyle is a massive step to fix the problems of today, as well as act as a stepping stone for the future, in which my child can grow without fear. I urge people to join me in this initiative, so that we may create a world where our children can grow in peace and comfort.

-Vrushali Mandal

Co-Founder, aloha

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