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A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Sleeping Position For Pregnant Women

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Sleep Advice

The process of giving birth is undoubtedly stressful and difficult for women, who are graced with the gift of life. One of the least pleasant experiences for many women is their inability to sleep soundly and enjoy a decent night’s rest.

Women frequently experience sleepless nights while pregnant. Pregnant women often feel queasy right before bedtime and then are insomniacs for the rest of the night. A pregnant lady often becomes fatigued from feeling so worn out and from bearing the weight of the baby. Which is why it is advised to use the best sleeping positions possible. Sleeping in the right position can reduce pain and discomfort.

Sleeping on poorly designed mattresses can increase women’s suffering during pregnancy since they provide proper support for the body and spine. So, we suggest you buy latex mattresses online from a reputed brand known for their comfortable mattresses that provides optimal support.

Why is Sleeping Sometimes Difficult During Pregnancy?

It could be challenging to get a decent night’s sleep while pregnant. Finding a comfortable sleeping posture becomes more difficult as you gain weight. In the middle of the night, you might need to urinate. As well as waking you awake, and heartburn.

Leg cramps and backaches are common in women, especially when they carry more weight. The dreams of many pregnant women become more vivid than usual, and some even experience nightmares.

Stress can also disrupt sleep. You might be worried about the health of your unborn child, your parenting abilities, or the actual delivery. Even though each of these feelings is common, they could keep you (and your partner) awake at night.

Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Pregnant women frequently struggle to fall asleep since the perfect mattress that would support their curvature and spine is often missing.

Here are several postures for sleeping during pregnancy that have been recommended by scientists since they will keep you safe and will improve your sleep cycle significantly.

1. Sleep on Your Sides

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is thought to be on the side, either on the left or right. It lowers high blood pressure and soothes the mother. Medical professionals recommend sleeping on the left side since it improves circulation making it easier for the blood to reach the placenta and offer nourishment to the baby. While sleeping on either side is considered good for pregnant women, sleeping on the left side is considerably better.

2. Use Pillow made with Natural Latex

Although any posture can be safe throughout the first trimester of pregnancy, you can choose how you want to sleep. You can start by using pillows and mattresses made of either natural latex. Natural Latex Pillows have tremendous benefits. They are not only soft and cosy but since they are made from organic material absent of chemicals they are also non-allergenic. They are best known for reducing aches experienced during pregnancy. They also offer great neck support and improve posture.

If you want to attempt side sleeping and figure out the optimal sleeping position during pregnancy. Simply placing the latex pillow between your legs as you sleep on your side can be a good place to start. This makes it much simpler to get to sleep.

You can explore the different types of organic pillows offered by aloha. These are some of the finest pregnancy pillows that can ease your pain during the pregnancy.

3. Use Pregnancy Pillow as Your Safeguards

Make sure your mattress is firm enough to support your growing tummy throughout the second trimester and that it doesn’t sink in. The ideal sleeping posture during pregnancy is achieved by using a C- or U-shaped pillow, which protects your back while hugging your front and resting in between your thighs.

The use of wedge pillows is advised to prevent discomfort since they prevent you from sleeping on your stomach. As you begin your motherhood, getting the much-needed rest is key, but don’t worry; while proper sleeping posture is important, there are still many other factors to consider. Consequently, order a memory foam mattress from a luxury mattress brand in India and let us look after your lovely dreams.

How to Comfortably Sleep on Your Side?

Here are some ideas for making side sleeping feel more natural or at least comfortable if it’s not your thing.

1. During The First Trimester

Early on, sleeping in any position is usually acceptable. But try placing a pillow between your legs if you want to develop the habit of favouring your side. This is the optimal pillow position for pregnancy. Your hips and lower body pain could be reduced by doing this. 

2. During The Second Trimester

Your mattress should be moderately firm so that your back doesn’t slump as your tummy expands. You can think about putting a board between your mattress and box spring if yours is too soft.

Consider researching pregnancy pillows as well. To assist with side sleeping, they have a U or C shape and wrap around your complete body.

3. During The Third Trimester

Continue to support yourself with a pregnancy pillow. Look at wedge pillows if you find them a little too heavy with your expanding tummy. To prevent rolling, tuck them behind your back and under your tummy.

Try using pillows to elevate your upper body at a 45-degree angle if you simply can’t get used to sleeping on your side. By doing so, you avoid lying flat on your back and relieve pressure on your IVC.

Pillow Positioning Tips for Specific Issues:

  • For Additional Abdominal and Back Support:  Place a pregnancy pillow between your legs and beneath your stomach to help you maintain the side posture and prevent rolling over onto your stomach or back.
  • For Breathing Difficulties: To lift your chest, place a pillow under your side.
  • For Indigestion: With the help of some books or blocks, raise the bed’s head a few inches. This prevents acids from scorching their way up your oesophagus and keeps them in your stomach.

Tips to Get Better Sleep While Pregnant:

  • Reduce Your Caffeine Intake: Avoid consuming any caffeine-containing beverages after 3 p.m.
  • Drink Lots of Water: To avoid having to get up and use the restroom, cut back on your water intake a little in the hours leading up to bedtime.
  • Practice 30 Minutes of Exercise: Exercise improves your ability to sleep, but avoid exercising four hours before bed.
  • Do Meditative Activities: You can relax by taking a warm bath and massaging your shoulders, or feet.
  • Get a Peaceful Bedroom: If your bedroom is dark, quiet, and chilly at night, it will be simpler to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Improve Your Sleep Hygiene:  Everyone should practise good sleeping habits, and this is especially true during pregnancy.

Final Thoughts:

Pregnant women already have a lot on their plate, so they don’t need to add more to it by worrying about the  preferred sleep position. Doctors advise lying on your side, whether it is your right or left, to provide the optimum blood flow for you and your child. Beyond that, you might try utilising some pillow to position yourself in the way that seems the most comfortable to you.

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